What does a Creative Content Strategist Do? 

A few years ago my wife and I decided to sell our house and use the money from the sale to fund a year of traveling around the world with our two kids. We initially tried to sell our house by ourselves through Com Free. We did our own staging and marketing as best we could. I spent my weekends organizing open houses. After a month of no traffic and no offers, we listed with a realtor. The first day, the first couple he closed the sale.

Why Wouldn’t You Hire
The Best Person For The Job?

When I told someone the story they were incredulous that I’d tried to sell the house myself. “If your amazing family adventure hinged on selling the house so you had the budget to travel, why wouldn’t you hire the best possible person for the job?” It was a great question (that made me feel stupid at the time) and it is the same reason that you need a creative content strategist.

Why You Need A Creative Content Specialist

Is your message is important? Do you need to connect that message with your target audience? It honestly doesn’t matter if it’s research or results from a study or survey, info about a product launch or an industry pivot. Whatever it is, if it’s important enough for you to spend the time and energy to say, then you want to have the best possible person on the job to help you say it in the most engaging and impactful way. And that is why you need a digital content specialist.

A Creative Content Specialist will,

  • Bring laser focus to your organization’s brand identify
  • Develop a consistent storytelling style that’s unique to your organization
  • Create an online media distribution strategy 

The Best Way for Your
Content To Be Discovered

A Creative Content Specialist understands the online cultural landscape where your type of content is being created and consumed. They will know what people are searching for and how they’re searching for it. That’s why they know the best way to create and share your content for it to be discovered.

This is vital information when you want to connect your information for maximum impact. When your content is presented through the ideal digital media, and it’s in the right online cultural space where your audience is already consuming content, that’s where dynamic connections are made. Our realtor knew his stuff. He knew how to price our house. How to present it and was able to connect our house with the people looking for homes in our area in our price range. And most importantly of all, he knew how to close the sale. He was worth every penny we paid, and that’s how you will feel.

In the same way, that realtor knew his message and market, a Creative Content Specialist knows how to,

  • Create interesting video titles that will capture the attention of your audience
  • Select and create thumbnails that will generate high click-through rates
  • Increase the level of meaningful connection between you and your clients
  • Provide analytics of engagement for you to share with funders or future funders
  • Manage a fast turnaround production process where your goals are reached within your deadlines

Imagine The Difference This Will Make

Imagine how empowering (and exciting) it will be for every member of your organization to work with a Creative Content Strategist who is there to help them tell their story in an engaging way. It’s a transformative experience when someone identifies the value of your creative talents and abilities and shows you how they fit with the overall storytelling strategy. We all want to play to our strengths, and this approach to strategic content creates a win-win environment for everyone.

Translating technical data in ways that the public can understand is challenging, which makes the process of creating story-forward content a unique challenge.  It involves creating a strong storytelling identity. Developing a template to guide creative decisions. Producing Evergreen content and the pillar posts for an online digital multimedia strategy. Incorporating analytics can show the value of the creative content and provides a powerful way of evaluating the ability of the content to create meaningful connections with your clients

If your story is worth being told, then it’s worth being told by the best possible person for the job.

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Rik Leaf is a Creative Content Strategist – Specializing in Multimedia Brand Storytelling. Over the last 20 years, he has been part of high-performing production teams for Metallica, Bryan Adams, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Shania Twain, Rent, Beauty & the Beast and Whose Line is it Anyway? Rik has produced CDs, TV shows, short films, video travel series, podcasts and Indigenous theatre presentations.

As a Keynote Speaker, Rik specializes in multimedia presentations on creativity, innovation, leading creative teams and brand storytelling. He is the author of, Four Homeless Millionaires – How One Family Found Riches By Leaving Everything Behind.


Rik Leaf
Rik Leaf

As a Producer, Performer, TV Host, Author & Sommelier life is an odyssey of adventure and discovery that feels far too short to waste a single day! Contact: info@rikleaf.com 250 896 2572