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Tell Stories Through Videos That Educate & Inspire

You know how it can be hard as researchers to explain what you do and why it’s important? Discover how your team can use the power in your pockets to tell stories through videos that can educate and inspire action.

Research That Organizations Can’t Afford To Ignore

According to a recent study, people retain 95% of a message when that message is consumed via video versus just 10% when the message is read. Analysts predict that by 2019 80% of online content consumed will be video.

Video is the way people are choosing to access content, and it’s proving to be the most effective way of engaging and educating viewers. The potential for video storytelling to make a huge impact can’t be ignored by any research organization serious about connecting their message to their target audience. Learning to tell your story through video is in your best interest.

What you’re doing matters
and your work deserves it

Respecting Your Research Like a Rock Star

Maybe you’re thinking, ‘I don’t have time for telling stories. I’m a thought-leader working on ground-breaking research.’ And while it’s true that the work you’re doing is valuable and your time is precious, consider the band U2.

In an interview describing how they became and remained the biggest band in the world for two decades, U2 described their approach to creating their music and to the business of promoting their music.

Throughout the years, many artists have considered commercial success to be a sign of ‘selling out.’ U2 believed that their music was valuable. And that it deserved the same level of passion when it came to the business of promoting, delivering and marketing that music. For them it wasn’t ‘selling out,’ it was ‘buying in’ to the belief that what they were doing mattered and that their creative work deserved it.

If a rock band believes this strongly in the value of what they do, shouldn’t a research organization? The value of the work your organization is doing deserves your investment in connecting that work to the people who will benefit from understanding it. Be the U2 of the research community.

Learning to tell your story through
video is in your best interest

What Makes You Angry?

Years ago the National Film Board of Canada put me in contact with an award-winning producer to start pre-production on a documentary. In our first meeting on the first day, the director put me in front of the camera, hit record, looked up and asked, ‘so what made you angry?’

He’d learned over the years that often it’s anger and frustration with the way things are, that initially motivates people to start to take action. That question launched me into a 20-minute rant and ultimately led to hosting a TV series exploring the theme. (that was the day I discovered outrage and frustration are emotions not limited to traffic jams)

I bring this up to admit that frustration has once again inspired me. I find it maddening to watch corporations leverage the power of video storytelling to sell candies, soda pop, video games and cigarettes, while research organizations and thought-leaders consider telling their story a distraction from the real work.

Strategic video storytelling is a powerful tool for engaging and educating an audience. It is an effective way to establish your voice as a trusted authority. People are tired of ads and don’t trust commercials and are increasingly looking for a personal connection they trust.

  • 92 % of consumers trust recommendations from other people – even someone they don’t know – over brand content
  • 70% of consumers reported online customer reviews as the second most trusted source
  • 47% of U.S. readers consult blogs for finding new trends and ideas
  • 35% of U.S. readers look to blogs for discovering new products AdWeek

Video storytelling provides valuable solutions for research organizations. It is the best way to put a face to a voice and establish your identity to your ideas. Learning to tell your story through video is in your best interest.

A Creative Solution to a Common Problem

If you are a thought-leader, a researcher or conference presenter, video storytelling is an effective way to,

  • Bring focus to what you do and explain why it’s important
  • Increase the level of meaningful connection with your clients
  • Develop a catalogue of high-quality media for your presentations
  • Provide analytics for funders and future projects & proposals

Imagine the difference it could make if your team learned to use the power of technology they are already carrying around in their pockets, to create interesting and informative video stories. Imagine a catalogue of powerful digital content that your communications director can leverage through all social media networks. That your presenters would have access to any time, anywhere.

A Powerful Story Creates a Personal Experience

A powerful story is a personal experience. Learning to be a great storyteller involves,

  • Creating a strong storytelling identity
  • Developing a template to guide your team and creative decisions
  • Creating a content strategy
  • Utilizing analytics to measure success

Each year I lead Digital Media Storytelling Training sessions for dozens of organizations developing strategies and skills development for producing high-performing digital media content. Providing valuable video storytelling solutions for research organizations is a passion. I know it can be hard for researchers to explain what they do and why it’s important and I’ve learned that I can help.

Imagine the difference it would make if you could use the power of the tech in your pocket to educate your audience. To inspire action. To establish your identity and develop trust with clients, industry professionals, funders and government partners. Your work deserves it…and so do you.


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