Rik Leaf & Tribe of One - National Collective of Indigenous Performers & Presenters 

Indigenous Artist Collective

Tribe of One is a national collective of indigenous artists who provide multi cultural presentations and performance workshops. Audiences have an opportunity to see and hear Aboriginal, French, Metis and settler cultures come together to tell a shared story through the artistry of the performers. 

This fusion includes music, traditional and modern dance, regalia, slam poetry and live performance painting. Programming can include workshops that provide participants the opportunity to explore the cultures and art forms for themselves.

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Tribe of One, National Collective of Indigenous Artists

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"...an elite group of rising starts representing the best and brightest Aboriginal artists from across the country" Eric Robinson - Minister of Culture & Heritage

Tribe of One & The Journey of Discovery

Over the last 13 years Tribe of One has developed a one-of-a-kind presentation. The rich heritage of indigenous cultures is presented throughout the performance and workshops, educating audiences while they are entertained.

The Journey of Discovery allows audiences to see and hear what cultural diversity, mutual respect and creativity look and sound like, and why these values are so important, inspiring them to discover how their own culture and unique talents can empower them for their future.

The rich heritage of indigenous cultures presented through a multi disciplinary performance

  • Visual Learners

    Visual learners will appreciate discovering the significance of traditional regalia, live performance painting and storytelling through physical movement

  • Auditory Learners

    Auditory learners will appreciate discovering the values passed through traditional storytelling, songs, instrumental soundscapes and slam poetry

  • Tactile Learners

    Tactile learners will appreciate the opportunity to participate in beading, Metis sash weaving and playing indigenous instruments and percussion

  • Kinesthetic Learners

    Kinesthetic learners will love the performance workshops where participants learn through dance, songwriting, slam poetry and creating visual art

Indigenous Theatre

Multi Cultural Inter Disciplinary Performance

First Nations, Metis, French & English Presenters

Tribe of One fuse the rich heritage of indigenous cultures with modern forms of artistic expression, featuring First Nations, Metis, French & English musicians, dancers, painters and slam poets. This world-class multi cultural presentation can include workshops that open the door for those interested in learning more.

"From the moment the group walked onto the stage, the students were entranced. It is one thing to follow the curriculum. It is another to teach its worth in our lives. Tribe of One did just that! I highly recommend them to other schools" Gretchen Day, Heart Lake Secondary School, Brampton, ON

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The Journey of Discovery is an opportunity for Indigenous and non Indigenous individuals to come together in an exciting, creative and cultural environment that encourages risk taking and mutual respect. At a time when cultural diversity is being used by some to divide a population, we believe the message of our presentation and the opportunity to experience how our differences are our strengths is more important than ever.

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