the surprising truth about creative content most people get wrong

The Surprising Content Hack Most People Get Wrong

Content is King. At least it can be if you manage to marry the right message with the right medium. The surprising truth about producing creative content that most people get wrong is that they only focus on one of two key elements.

Content is king when it’s exactly what someone is looking for. When you’ve got the solution to the problem, the value of your content can compensate for almost everything from low production values to lack of budget. But the greatest content in the world won’t blow anyone’s mind if they never find it, see it, read it or watch it. You need to have great content but you also need to make a connection. 

Content is king
when it Connects 

There are three primary ways people learn. Audio, visual, tactile. This means your audial learners will love it if your content is available in a podcast or audiobook. Your visual learners will prefer being able to watch a video, read an article, blog post or download a pdf. The tactile learners in the crowd are the ones who’d just like to download, install and start pushing buttons to figure out how it works.

A strategic approach to creating content brings a laser focus to producing high-value content and presenting that content through as many dynamic mediums as possible. We don’t buy into Kevin Costner’s, Field of Dreams idea of, ‘build it and they will come.’ Because…no they won’t. And no they don’t.  A great line from a great movie isn’t a great strategy for content creation.

Marrying the Message through the Medium
There is a surprising creative content hack that maximizes your investment by making the material available in as many different ways as possible through repurposing content. The art of repurposing your content makes a distinction between the message and the medium. We want to tell the same story in as many ways as we can, so we can connect with your target market in ways that are most meaningful to them.

For instance, if we create a video we can detach the audio from the video and repurpose it by using it in a podcast. Or if we write an article or blog post, we can narrate that article to create an instructional video with animations, or use it as a podcast. Repurposing is the art of taking the same content and maximizing the level of connection through the intentional use of as many mediums as possible. This increases the return on your investment for every piece of content you create.

Cue Judgy McJudgerson Stage Left
There is a reason we’ve all heard the expression, ‘Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover’…because we DO! We all do. We’re busy, impatient, stressed and under time restraints, so we make snap decisions. Most of us live in a ‘No’ posture. Our default position when presented with thousands of marketing messages a day is, NO. So assume your target audience is going to judge your content by the cover. And by the cover, I mean the medium. If they like audio books and you’re asking them to read an article, they’ll judge your content on the way it’s presented to them. If your content doesn’t connect, it can’t be king, no matter how relevant it is.

The flipside is exciting and inspiring. When you manage to marry the message and the medium the connection is powerful. It can stop someone in their tracks, and change the course of the conversation. They get engaged and excited and that emotional response is the transformative moment we’re looking for. That’s when content is king. It takes strategy, and structure and a system that supports you and your team, but the potential is phenomenal. 

Connecting Content
Through Storytelling

Here’s What You Need To Do To Make Your Content King
As a creative content strategist I’ll let you in on an industry secret…this comes down to storytelling. You might be a Realtor wanting to showcase the value of a community or property. Or maybe you’re in the medical profession and want to educate your audience on the benefits of training, exercise or diet. Or perhaps you’re a researcher with technical data you need to translate into an easy-to-understand Call To Action so your target audience can understand the info and what you want them to do.

Whatever your industry is, the most effective way to connect your content with your audience is through storytelling. Because everyone loves a great story. The most effective strategic storytellers recognize that some people will connect through audio stories, some through visual storytelling while others want a tactile experience. Strategic content creation incorporates all three to connect the information simultaneously in as many ways as possible to engage as many people as possible.

Is This Exciting or Overwhelming?
Investing in strategic content creation brings focus to the story you’re trying to tell, and maximizes your ability to connect your message in a powerful, consumer-centered way. It not only brings focus to your story, but to your team as well. Even a small team of 2-3 people are going to have different skills, strengths, and abilities they can bring to the project, and they’d love to if someone will just show them how. Because everyone loves to play to their strengths. That’s where we’re most confident and where we excel.

Strategic content creation involves empowering each team member to play to their strength. To recognize the value of the unique contributions their skill set allows them to make, and how their piece fits with others on the team. A recent study discovered that an average organization forfeits 1 million dollars in potential each year. So the question is, how much creative storytelling potential are you leaving on the table? And how much is that costing you? Creative Capital is the most valuable asset you have as an individual and organization.

Strategic Content Creation & The Art of Brand Storytelling
Investing in strategic content creation is a professional development opportunity that establishes strategies and systems for a creative culture that will produce content that educates, empowers and entertains your target audience. It maximizes the value of everything your team produces, every article, blog post, interview, video or conference presentation. It brings focus and clarity, it compounds the return on investment by repurposing each piece of content into as many mediums as possible to maximize the avenues of connection. 
Content is king when it connects and creates a meaningful conversation.

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Rik Leaf is a Creative Content Strategist – Specializing in Multimedia Brand Storytelling. Over the last 20 years, he has been part of high-performing production teams for Metallica, Bryan Adams, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Shania Twain, Rent, Beauty & the Beast and Whose Line is it Anyway? Rik has produced CDs, TV shows, short films, video travel series, podcasts and Indigenous theatre presentations.

As a Keynote Speaker, Rik specializes in multimedia presentations on creativity, innovation, leading creative teams and brand storytelling. He is the author of, Four Homeless Millionaires – How One Family Found Riches By Leaving Everything Behind.


Rik Leaf
Rik Leaf

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