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 We Made The Best Music Resources The Easiest To Use

Each song comes with a  video sharing the Story Behind the Song. Primary age students love stories. Each song has a Lyric Video making a fun & convenient way for teachers to use.                                       Each song comes with a Tutorial Video showing students how to play the songs on ukulele.                    Each song also comes with a PDF Lyric/Chord sheet making it easy to follow along.
These are just 2 songs from the upcoming release!

The Must-Have Music Resources for Elementary Schools

These songs are catchy and fun for students to sing 
Themes explore kindness, respect, friendship, acceptance and school spirit 
The songs support social & emotional development
Every song & video are appropriate for all ages 
Everything is on one page at your fingertips!
This music helps students develop their singing, playing and movement skills
These songs build confidence and self-esteem
Songs include some Indigenous & French lyrics
Written & recorded by an award winning songwriter/producer

Teachers Shared Their Struggles - We Created a Solution

98% of elementary teachers said they use music in the class daily or weekly.           
66% of teachers told us it was hard to find good music to use in the classroom.
79% said they spent 30-60 minutes each week looking for classroom music.


Schools Pay One Time & Share With Every Teacher

The entire album Songs For Schools, Volume #1
Includes 10 The Story Behind the Song videos
Includes 10 Lyric Videos
Includes 10 Tutorial videos with lyric/chord sheets
And 10 Lyric & Chord charts so students can play songs on ukulele
Copyright License for your school to use the songs in other ways as well

© Copyright Tribe of One Productions.  All Rights Reserved.

Meet Tribe of One's Producers

MJ Dandeneau, is French Anishinaabe / Métis kwe born in Treaty 1
Rik Leaf, vars farföräldrar kom från Midnattssolens och Samernas land

MJ & Rik are multimedia producers, performers and Arts in Education specialists. Over the last 20 years they have written/recorded over 200 songs, produced TV shows, albums & international tours. Over 60,000 students have participated in their mentorship programs.

Tribe of One Productions specialize in producing cultural projects, documentaries, traditional language resources & mentorship projects for schools and Indigenous communities.

Marie-Josée Dandeneau

Rik Leaf