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These are the very best slam poetry lessons I've taught to over 10K thousand students!

Fun, convenient & easy to use - ideal for Grades 3- 12

Slam Poetry Course for Teachers from Rik Leaf on Vimeo.

These video lessons make it convenient for you teach and fun for your students to write & perform 

  • You Get Everything You Need

    The videos & lesson plans for the entire course, including sample slam videos are at your fingertips ready to go.  This material is fun & convenient and easy for you to use.

  • Slam Will Transform Your Classroom

    I explain the social triggers so you can understand why poetry slams transform classrooms into encouraging, supportive creative environments.

  • Transferable To Every Subject

    Slam poetry teaches students to connect with their subject and their audience in a powerful and engaging way. These skills can be applied to every presentation in any subject.

  • Gives Students A Powerful Voice

    Slam poetry provides a powerful way for students to speak to issues that matter to them most, like bullying, suicide prevention, anti racism & safe schools for LGBT students.

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You connect in a way that is unique and leaves the desire to open the floodgates of our own creativity

Brent Kaulback, Assistant Superintendent South Slave District, NWT

I considered it to be the best presentation I have ever seen throughout my entire career

Jon MacNeill, President Sussex Regional School, NB

Slam poetry was a great opportunity for our students to approach creative writing in a new way. I highly recommend Rik's slam poetry material.

Debra Bridgman, Principal  Standing Stone School, Oneida on the Thames, ON

Rik does an amazing job beyond teaching his content - he helps students become effective audience members and teaches them to be supportive and provide constructive feedback

Dave Ritchie, Principal  Carmi Elementary School, Penticton, B.C.

A powerful exchange of ideas as Rik reinforced some great techniques to apply to our own writing

Margaret Syme, Senior Consultant  Northern Territory, Australia

It is one thing to follow the curriculum. It is another to teach its worth in our lives. Rik did just that!

Gretchen Day, Teacher  Heart Lake Secondary, Brampton, ON

Each online session was tailored to the writing level of the students involved. The sessions were fun, interactive and a unique opportunity for our students.

Sharlene Kantz, Teacher B.C. Distance Ed, Fort St John, B.C.

Rik’s slam poetry sessions are engaging, comprehensive, supportive. The program was especially valuable for my students who struggled with self-esteem, coping and communication.

Ruth Stadelmayer, Teacher Francine J Wesley, Kashechewan, ON

Regular $69.95 This Month On Sale For $34.95

Experience Slam Poetry Getting Your Students Excited & Engaged

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If this course and all the bonus material and exclusive content doesn't provide what you need, let me know within 7 days and I will give you a full refund. No questions asked. (an accompanying 2-3 line slam poetry explaining why is encouraged, though not required 🙂