Get Students Excited With Slam Poetry

Discover This Surefire Way To Get Them Engaged In Creative Writing

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Engage Imagination. Inspire Confidence. Empower Creativity.

Many Students Think They Can't Be Writers

Until You Remove The BIG LIE That Has Shut Them Down

I care about students. And I care about you.

  • This Material Taught To Over 10K Student Slam Poets
  • Ideal for Primary, Middle & High School Ages
  • In Classrooms & Online Sessions

Three Easy Ways To Use Slam Poetry In Your Classroom

  • Slam Poetry Video Series For Teachers

    These videos make it FUN and EASY to use slam in your class. Each video is a stand alone lesson and comes with worksheets, lesson plans and learning objectives and a ‘Sample’ slam video you can show your students to inspire their writing.

  • Book a Slam Poet Residency

    A week-long residency provides an opportunity for me to invest in all of students in your school. This provides an incredible boost to creative writing and literacy.

  • Book an Online Session or Presentation

    Teachers from around the world love the convenience and energy that comes from booking online slam sessions. Many teachers book these presentations to kick off the poetry section of their curriculum or to introduce slam poetry. 

Choose What's Best For You

Slam Poetry is a Teacher's Best Friend

I help teachers (like you) get students excited and engaged in creative writing using slam poetry.
Slam isn't like acting, because we don't use costumes or props and it's not like rap or hip-hop, cause there is no music or beats. It's just about words. It's a personal and powerful means of self-expression. Click HERE for a FREE video lesson called, The Power of Words.

FREE Slam Poetry Email Course

I’d like to send you my FREE slam poetry email course that I wrote for teachers. I know you’ll enjoy discovering what makes slam poetry such a fantastic (and powerful) tool for engaging students.

I value your privacy (as much as my own)

Your presentation inspired us all. You connect with your audience in a way that is unique. You tease all our senses and leave the desire to open the floodgates of our own creativity

Brent Kaulback, Assistant Superintendent South Slave District, NWT

I considered it to be the best presentation I have ever seen throughout my entire career

Jon MacNeill, President Sussex Regional School, NB

Rik Leaf has carefully positioned himself on the margins speaking hope to the disenfranchised and dispirited

Brent Nelson, Ph.D. English Dept  University of Saskatchewan

An exceptionally memorable performance! We gained a clear understanding and appreciation for the talents that each person has.

Dan Summers, Principal  Fort Resolution Deninu School, NWT

It is one thing to follow the curriculum. It is another to teach its worth in our lives. Rik did just that!

Gretchen Day, Teacher  Heart Lake Secondary, Brampton, ON

Rik’s sessions are engaging, comprehensive, supportive right from the first steps of the writing process, to the final stage! The skills and lessons learned are invaluable

Ruth Stadelmayer, High School Teacher Kashechewan First Nation, ON

There was a really powerful exchange of ideas as Rik reinforced some great techniques to apply to our own writing

Margaret Syme, Senior Secondary Consultant  Northern Territory, Australia

The workshops demanded risk-taking, courage, and creativity and we stepped up and did it!

Sheila Cavanagh, Principal Lutsel K’e Dene, NWT

Your presentation was invaluable, you encouraged us to imagine, create and persevere

Verne Lorway, Director Sydney Academy, Cape Breton

The event far exceeded our expectations and hopes, and the feedback we have received has been uniformly glowing

Maura Broadhurst, Curator  Latcham Gallery, Stouffville, ON
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