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Where Being Creative Has Something to do with everything

Being Creative has everything to do with problem-solving, team building, conflict resolution, innovation and resiliency. This podcast is a collection of stories of creative successes and failures that will inspire you to believe that you are more capable than you've ever given yourself credit for.

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What Rik talks about on the podcast...

A Journey of discovery

the value of being creative

Inspiring stories of success & failure

Some of fave episodes

Detoxing Culture: What You Must Do To Create a Safe Space For Yourself & Others

A Portugal and Spain Expose - The Episode That Will Ignite Your Travel Desires

Words That Will Change Your World: Get Ready For a transformation

The Naked Truth: Pride Month, Canada Day & a Complicated Conversation

Throwing the Itsy Bitsy Spider Under the Bus with Black Sabbath and a Music Teacher

Stop living for others: embrace your true self today

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"Don't Be a Preacher...Be a Storyteller"

Best advice I ever got was from a retired minister who was also a political cartoonist, a published author, painter and musician. He said, "preachers don't trust their audience to make the necessary connections on their own...storytellers do. Be a storyteller."

And that's been my story ever since my dog ate my homework and I'm sticking to it!

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