Plans and Pricing

Songwriting, Slam Poetry & Filmmaking 

Booking Is Easy

Rates are negotiated per project to accommodate the wide variety of travel costs, expenses & size of project. Quotes are All Inclusive, so there are no surprises or add on costs.

  • All equipment needed for the project is provided (cameras, mics, computers, instruments)
  • Includes a pre production consultation (via phone or skype)
  • Also includes post production, editing and video upload 


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Mentorships Help Students Take The Next Step

Creating A Supportive School Culture

These projects are an opportunity for students with different talents and abilities to succeed at the same time. Instead of focusing on what we're against, we focus on understanding and celebrating diversity and inclusion!

Creative Risk Taking

Creativity requires students to take risks, and we all need a safe space to do that. It’s a practical training ground to apply the roots of empathy as students gain an appreciation for the value of their talents and of those around them.

Celebrate Creativity in Your School

These projects create a shared experience for all the students in the school. The themes in the video, song and slam poems can be used throughout the year to reinforce school values.

Incorporating New Technology

The multi media projects incorporate new technology into the classroom as students learn to record audio, video and stop animation along with the basics of editing and arranging. Special emphasis is put on using software and hardware that the students will have access to, like Garageband and iMovie.

Inclusive & Highly Adaptable

These projects are inclusive and adaptable to students of all ages from K-G12 in schools that range from 1-400 students. 

This Is My Offer To You

My goal is to inspire your students. To help them see themselves and those around them with 'new eyes.' So they can discover abilities and talents inside of themselves that they never knew existed and gain confidence in the process.