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What to expect in Season 1

Season 1

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This Season offers SIX Resource Bundles. Each bundle develops a unique theme.


Be the Change - Personal Responsibility

Diversity & Inclusion

Indigenous Ways of Learning

School Spirit

Canadian History & Identity

The School Of Slam

Bundle 1 – Being Creative

Bundle 2 – Anti Bullying

Bundle 3 – Diversity & Inclusion

Bundle 4 – Indigenous Studies

Bundle 5 – School Spirit

Bundle 6 – Canada

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Develop a supportive creative culture in the classroom

The School Of Slam

Members also get full access to all the lessons available in the School of Slam Poetry.

  • You’ll find a series of 5 grade-specific video lessons for G 3-9.
  • Lessons can be taught on their own, or as part of a series.
  • Each lesson is under 10 minutes long and comes with a printable pdf handout.
  • Each video includes a ‘Sample Slam Poem’ written and performed for that writing prompt so students can see and hear what their poem might sound like before they start writing.

The School of Slam Poetry makes it fun and convenient for you to teach poetry even if you’re not a poet yourself!

What is Slam Poetry?
Slam Poetry is the combination of creative writing and performance. It’s not like rap or hip-hop as there is no music or beats. It’s not like theatre or acting as there are no costumes or props. It’s just about words. Slam is a performance-based art form that teaches students how to match WHAT they’re talking about with HOW they’re talking about.

Benefits of Slam Poetry for Students
Many students struggle with spelling, grammar, and punctuation. These struggles can become censors that shut them down. Slam Poetry removes those obstacles and gives them an opportunity to approach words in a new way.

How Slam Poetry Removes These Obstacles
Unlike traditional poetry that’s published to be read by the audience, slam poetry is only experienced when the poet performs it. Students are encouraged to focus on what they want to say and how they want to say it, rather than the rules of writing that they typically struggle with.

Gaining Confidence They Need To Succeed
Students learn to match WHAT they’re describing with HOW they’re describing it. This is an invaluable skill for public speaking they can use throughout all the stages of school and life.

Learning Objectives
Each lesson is designed with Grade-specific learning expectations for planning, writing, revising, and editing as students combine descriptive and sensory language with a public presentation.

Poetry Slams Transform the Creative Culture of Classrooms
Speaking in public makes many people nervous. Poetry Slams are super supportive. The audience cheers the poet from their seat to the stage. During a poet’s performance when we like something the poet says, or how they said it, we give them ‘snaps.’

It’s a fun, easy, nonverbal way to give some encouraging feedback. It also teaches students to be engaged, active listeners. For over 15 years I’ve seen slam poetry transform the creative culture of classrooms across Canada.

Slam Poetry Online Course Overview

A video from Rik with feedback from students & teachers on their experience

Elementary School Slam Poetry

Reviews from Teachers & Students in their own words.

Middle School Slam Poetry

Reviews from Teachers & Students in their own words.