Welcome to Being Creative…is this for you?

Welcome to Being Creative…is this for you?


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Welcome to the world of Art in Education, where the arts go far beyond entertainment…is this for you?

Are you looking to enhance the impact of arts in education? Look no further than Rik Leaf’s Arts in Education Resources. Based in Canada, we specialize in producing products and projects that support the social and emotional development of students.

Why This is Important

With a wealth of experience and a passion for empowering educators and institutions, we are dedicated to driving positive change and innovation in the education sector.

Our team is committed to delivering solutions and strategies tailored to the challenges each school is facing. Online products and services are designed with busy teachers in mind, making our high impact resources convenient and easy to use.

Solutions to the Challenges You’re Facing

The pandemic, remote learning, closures, disruptions…every school everywhere is faced with the challenges of overcoming the lingering effects. This makes engaging and empowering resources that support the social and emotional development of students more important than ever.

Created WITH students FOR students

Songs for Schools is a powerful resource for elementary teachers. Over 60,000 students participated in writing, performing and recording these songs. These songs explore important themes of kindness, friendship, inclusion, diversity and school spirit.

Everything You Need At Your Fingertips

Songs for Schools features 10 professionally written and recorded songs. 10 story videos. 10 lyric videos. 10 tutorial videos. It also comes with lyric and chord charts and a free copyright license so your school can use these songs in projects of your own.

Professional Resources Tailor made for busy teachers

Save the time you spend searching online for appropriate music.

This is for you if you’re looking for arts in education resources that go beyond entertainment

These resources are tried and true, proven to be highly effective and powerful in creating safe and supportive classroom culture

Trust a professional performer and producer with 20 years of experience, who has produced projects for the Canadian Government, schools and Indigenous communities across Canada

Rik’s Artist Residencies provide exciting opportunities for students to discover their strengths, develop their skill set and in the process gain the confidence they need to face the challenges in their life.

Songs for Schools and Slam Poetry are two powerful Artist Residencies your school can book, or you can access the material online through Rik’s Resource Centre.

Songs for Schools will transform your school

Check out the Discovery Page where you’ll find a sample of the songs and videos. You’re welcome to use these in your class even if you don’t buy the entire resource centre.

Slam Poetry

Slam Poetry is an exciting combination of creative writing and creative performance. It’s not like rap or hip-hop because there is no music or beats, and it’s not like theatre or acting because there are no costumes or props. It’s just about the power of words!

Go to the Discovery Page Now and try out the resources to encourage and empower your students

Contact info@rikleaf.com for information on how you can book a Rik Leaf Artist Residency in your school.

Unlock the Magic of Songs for Schools


Rik Leaf is an Arts in Education Specialist. Performer, Producer, Slam Poet, Author

Hilariously, a meme inspired my entire career. It said, “Be Who You Needed When You Were Younger”

And that’s how I got here. 20 years into a career creating a safe and supportive space for students to step out of their comfort zone so they can experience the magic of finding their voice.

Unlock the Magic of Songs for Schools

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