Many Students feel Trapped and Alone

Isolation can lead to depression

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Students Need A Safe Place To Gain Confidence

Many students are trapped in their comfort zone, afraid of failing, being bullied or made fun of. 

Multimedia projects provide a safe place for students take creative risks and gain confidence. 

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This Project Transformed a Remote Northern High School

Students spent a week working with a producer writing, recording & performing to produce an original song & video of what they loved about their school & community

K-6 French Immersion

350 students spent a week writing, performing, recording, acting, drawing and dancing as they created this anthem. The school played the song over the speakers for the rest of the year before every assembly as a way to focus on their shared values

These Rural School Students Got Massive Response

Within a week of being shared on Facebook this video had over 15K views and hundreds of shares and comments as families and friends were able to join the celebration of their community

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The K-6 Multimedia Project They Still Talk About

All 360 elementary students were involved. Classes worked with a professional songwriter & producer to develop their theme, "Change your words & you can change the world"

These Students Surprised & Amazed Their Teachers

The pandemonium at the end of the assembly performance perfectly captures what happens when students are given a safe space to be creative

An Unforgettable Afternoon Presentation

Every student in the school wrote an encouraging message inside of a paper airplane. Everyone made one. Everyone threw one. Everyone got one. Grade 6 students worked with a producer, learning how to film live events with iPads & interview students reading their messages

Choosing the Best Project For Your School, Students & Budget

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Here is the Real Value of "BEING CREATIVE"

Rik's Quick Break Down of Creative Mentorships

Changing Lives Through Mentorships

I've worked with thousands of students in schools across Canada over the last 18 years. As a professional Recording Artist, Producer, Author & Slam Poet, I approach school projects the same way I do studios and TV/Film sets. Without exception, students rise to the challenge! If you're interested, you can read about my LIFE STORY HERE

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