Creative Development Mentorships for Indigenous Youth

I honor your interest in learning how creative development mentorships make remote communities more creative, innovative and successful.

A lot of young people in northern remote communities feel like everyone elseeverywhere else have opportunities that they never will…and that’s really discouraging. 

Tribe of One loves to provide creative development mentorships in these communities to give students an opportunity to DISCOVER what they’re good at, DEVELOP their skill set and GAIN the CONFIDENCE they need to succeed.

Here are 10 ways creative development mentorships can transform your community,

  1. Give youth a WIN.

    Many students struggle with self-confidence and the pressures of life. They need to experience a WIN, and the best way to do that is to help them discover what they’re good at then give them an opportunity to play to their strengths. That experience is empowering and helps them take pride in in they are.
  2. Build Confidence.

    Mentorship projects use these positive experiences to help youth gain confidence. Confidence is the key to identifying their goals and visions and recognizing the steps they need to take to be successful.
  3. Develop Valuable Life Skills.

    Being Creative has something to do with everything, from team building and problem-solving to conflict resolution. Mentorships help students discover the value of their unique talents, gifts and abilities and understand how they fit with those around them.
  4. See Themselves with New Eyes.

    What we think is normal, other people find amazing. Mentorships help students see themselves with new eyes and recognize the value of their talents, abilities, experiences and education they discover what makes them amazing.

  5. Discover Creative Careers.

    There are many exciting careers available and opportunities for creative entrepreneurs. Technology is constantly disrupting the ways things have always been done, which provide a world of possibilities. Mentorships help students discover careers they never knew existed.
  6. The Power of Imagination

    Imagine the difference it would make to have professional content creators FROM your community able to produce stories FOR your community. It’s a game-changer for any initiative from tourism, to attracting investors, recording traditional language or recording the stories of elders.

  7. Opportunity & Ongoing Support.

    A student can’t choose a career they don’t know exists. And they can develop the potential of technology without access to training. Creative Mentorships provide hands-on instruction and online support to help students stay focused on their goals.

  8. Tools & Training for Success.

    Technology makes innovation affordable and accessible. You no longer need to have a state-of-the art facility in Nashville or LA. Remote northern communities can access everything they need to compete in the global marketplace. Mentorships are ideally suited to develop the skills and networks necessary for success.
  9. Create a Valuable Portfolio.

    Creative careers rarely require a traditional degree. The first (and most important) question you will be asked is, “what projects have you worked on?” and, “where is your portfolio” The creative process and finished product from every mentorship project help students build elements of a professional portfolio.

  10. Mentorships Change Lives.

    Tribe of One is a national collective of professional artists and entrepreneurs. Each one manages their own companies and international careers. We are passionate about investing in the creative potential of Indigenous youth and providing exciting opportunities for personal and professional development.

Do you want a creative community full of opportunities where youth are empowered to reach their potential? Do you value innovation and want to provide your students with access to new technology? Are you committed to providing opportunities in your community for youth to DISCOVER their strengths, DEVELOP their skillset and GAIN the CONFIDENCE they need to succeed as they face the challenges in their life?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, you owe it to yourself (and the youth in your community) to book a call now, so we can discuss how Creative Development Mentorships can make your community more creative, innovative and successful.


Rik Leaf
Rik Leaf

Producer/Performer, Slam Poet, Recording Artist & Author I produce online creative development courses & resources for schools