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Slam Poetry in Schools

The Ultimate Teacher's Guide to Slam Poetry

In this 10 minute video you'll learn the secret to helping students step outside their comfort zone and experience the magic of finding their voice. This video gives you everything you need for your first slam poetry lesson.

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Find out how slam poetry is different from all other types of creative writing (and why this matters)

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Discover how to use slam poetry to transform your classroom into a safe & supportive space

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You'll learn how this lesson engages the three main learning styles that exist in your classroom

About Rik Leaf

Award-winning Slam Poet & Songwriter

Rik Leaf is the poet laureate for the National Arts Collective, Tribe of One.  Rik's taught over 40,000 students to express themselves through slam poetry, video storytelling & songwriting He's the Author, Four Homeless Millionaires - How One Family Found Riches By Leaving Everything Behind

Rik Leaf has taught & slam poetry in schools around the world

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