Four Homeless Millionaires

How One Family Found Riches By Leaving Everything Behind

Our family travelled around the world for a year and spent less than if we'd stayed home. We wanted to do something we couldn't afford, and figured out how to do it...and so can you! I wrote this book that I know will inspire you to make YOUR dream a reality!

Rik Leaf Rik Leaf
Tribe of One

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I know you have a dream you want to turn into a reality...and I'd like to help! Cause our world trip was the best thing that ever happened to our family. Contact Me!

  • Dream: What Do You Want To Do?
  • Scheme: How crazy are you willing to get to 'get 'er done'?
  • Act: Kick open a door of opportunity & discover what you're capable of

A Laugh-Out-Loud Family Adventure

  • Rkan - Amazon Review *****

    Four Homeless Millionaires is Stephen Leacock funny; it is Mark Twain hilarious. And just as those two venerated authors infuse their stories with important life and social messages so, too, does Rik Leaf. The book is a story of discovery, of family bonding, and of life enjoyment. It is about reaching into the earth and appreciating what it has to offer. The family may not have had deep pockets and for a year chose to walk a different path, but in the various settings they discovered important things about themselves and each other and the world we live in. While in that process they became rich beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. They were, in fact, Four Homeless Millionaires. This book is highly recommended. Read More…

  • RStadelmayer - Amazon Review *****

    Rik is as amazing a storyteller in conversation and performing as he in his writing! Four Homeless Millionaires is witty, insightful, inspiring and hilarious! “‘
    He has fabulously passed on his very personal, ridiculous and courageous stories of letting go, leaving everything behind and finding true riches in the craziest of places and moments around the world. Highly recommended to everyone looking for lots of light and love in this often dark and heavy world! Read More…

  • James C Nelson - Amazon Review *****

    As a fan of books on travel and adventure I picked up this book during a cold winter night to escape and follow Rik and his family through Canada and around the world. And I was not let down!!! What I found was more than just a book of adventure and travel but a book on how to live life fearlessly as an individual and as a family.
    From the first page until the last I found myself enjoying and savouring every moment through Rik’s poetic wit and humour.
    This book definitely is a must to read for everyone who enjoys a humorous tale of travel and adventure as told by a master story teller! Read More…

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I'm not going to lie, this book is a little dangerous and might just make you believe that wild and amazing adventures with your family are not only possible...but necessary!

Inspiring Storytellers

Meet The Authors That Inspired Me

3 authors really inspired me to tell my story my way. Chuck KlostermanSex, Drugs & Cocoa Puffs. I love the way Chuck charges down a rabbit hole chasing the faintest wiff of a story and then dramatically reigns himself with, "ANYWAY..." Chuck inspired me to chase my own rabbits.

David SedarisWhen You Are Engulfed in Flames. His use of self-depreciating humour made me belly laugh for an entire flight. As I wiped tears from my eyes I remember swearing that the day I wrote my book I'd make people laugh until they cried too. David inspired me to be an author that would make readers a good way!

And Bob Haverluck, a political cartoonist and retired United Church minister who poured me a glass of wine, looked me in the eye and said, "a storyteller trusts his audience; a preacher doesn't. Don't be a a storyteller." Bob inspired me to trust in the power of a great story.

Be Inspired! Get Creative!

Our world trip was the best thing that ever happened to our family. We became even closer than before and our kids caught the travel bug and have been starting to take their own trips. This video is from some follow up adventures we had in New Zealand.  Contact Me!

  • Dream: What Do You Want To Do?
  • Scheme: How crazy are you willing to get to 'get 'er done'?
  • Act: Kick open a door of opportunity & discover what you're capable of

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We were living on less but dreaming of more than anyone we knew