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Empowering Indigenous Youth

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Are Youth In Your Community Struggling?

Do your youth struggle with drugs, alcohol, bullying or violence?

Are they getting dragged down by apathy and lack of motivation?

Do they lack confidence?

Do you feel like you've tried every program and nothing’s worked?

Imagine an experience that played to their individual strengths while creating a safe place for everyone.

Imagine the difference if they could see themselves with new eyes. Recognize the value of who they are and what they're good at and interested in.

That kind of experience can change someone's life!

I could see the energy and excitement radiate from each one. To see them take pride in what they’ve accomplished makes the whole process worth it - and the final product was fantastic!

Last week I taught slam poetry to 230 middle school students in northern B.C. At the end of the week students & staff shared their thoughts.

Songwriting (Grade 1-12)

Over the course of a week, students work with a professional songwriter to write and record an original song. This project can involve all the students and grade levels in the school. Many schools use their song throughout the year to celebrate their community values. This video is an example of a songwriting project called, Change the World, that involved 350 students.
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Slam Poetry (Grade 3-12)

Slam Poetry is the combination of creative writing and creative performance. It's different from acting because we don't use costumes or props, and it's not rap or hiphop because there is no music or beats. It's just about words. I've taught slam to thousands of students over the last 10 years and watched students get engaged and excited about creative writing.
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Multimedia Storytelling (Grade 1-12)

Students work together writing, storyboarding, acting, directing, creating visual art and editing. This creates an environment where students with different gifts and abilities can succeed at the same time, gaining an appreciation for the value of their talents and of those around them. For Somewhere You Need To Know, all the students in the high school worked together to create the story celebrating their community.
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Your workshops inspired our youth and helped feed their creative spirits, and left memories which will last a life time. You tease all our senses and what you leave behind is a warm memory and the desire to open the floodgates of our own creativity. 

Feedback from Students & Staff

350 paper airplanes filled with positive messages. Everyone made one, threw one & got one. 8 students filming with iPads. 1 take. Edited in iMovie. 

What If We Are A Small School?

I work with many small schools in remote & northern communities. It's not a problem if your school doesn't have production equipment like computers, cameras, iPads or instruments. I bring everything we need to ensure that your students will have an incredible opportunity to share their story. (I went to a really small school myself, and am very motivated to make this work for you)
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We Have Multimedia & Music Programs

It's fantastic if your school already has a multimedia or music program as we can build on the foundation and dive deeper into the creative process and support the learning that has already happened and take it to the next level. Supporting teachers in their classroom is a privilege.
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Is It Age/Grade Appropriate?

These creative resources are adaptable to students from JK - Grade 12. The Sets'ani Anti Bullying Project was produced in a small school in the NWT, with 20 JK-Grade 1 students. Somewhere You Need To Know, involved all the Grade 7-12 students in the high school.  Learn More >>

Can We Choose The Focus & Theme?

Choosing the focus of the project or theme is totally up to you! Past projects have included Anti Bullying, School Pride, The Buddy BenchIndigenous Students Walking in Two Worlds, Changing The World & even Disrespectful PiratesWATCH VIDEOS >>

Rik beamed into our classroom in Palmerston Senior College, in Darwin, Australia. My students were inspired by his ability to break down his work into elements that makes poetry ‘visually’ accessible. There was a really powerful exchange of ideas as Rik reinforced some great poetry writing techniques to apply to their own writing

Choosing the Best Project For Your School, Students & Budget

Experience a Creative Community

I've worked with thousands of students in schools across Canada over the last 18 years. As a professional Recording Artist, Producer, Author & Slam Poet, I approach school projects the same way I do studios and TV/Film sets. Without exception, students rise to the challenge! If you're interested, you can read about my LIFE STORY HERE

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