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Slam Poetry For Your Students

Let's Get Your Students Excited in Creative Writing

Many students struggle to step out of their comfort zone. But that doesn't mean they wouldn't LOVE TO!

Slam Poetry Gets Students Excited in Creative Writing

Slam is a combination of creative writing & creative performance

It's not like rap or hip-hop as there is no music or beats

It's not like acting as there are no costumes or props


Rik Leaf is a master storyteller & slam poet teacher

He's taught over 40,000 children & youth how to express themselves through slam poetry, video storytelling & songwriting

Many students struggle with spelling, grammar and punctuation, and these struggles can become censors that shut them down and make them believe that they can never be a creative writer. Slam Poetry removes these obstacles and gives them the freedom to explore.

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Ruth Stadelmayer Ruth Stadelmayer, Chief Sunrise School, NWT

Rik’s slam poetry sessions are engaging, comprehensive, supportive right from the first steps of the writing process, to the final stage of doing a slam! The program was especially valuable for my students who struggled with self-esteem, coping and communication. I highly recommend!

Dave Ritchie Dave Ritchie, Principal ​Carmi Elementary​ School, B.C.

Rik does an amazing job beyond teaching his content – he helps students become effective audience members and teaches them to be supportive and provide constructive feedback. I encourage you to consider his programs if you are looking for opportunities for your school.

Gretchan Day Gretchan Day, Heart Lake Secondary School, ON

The students were entranced. It is one thing to follow the curriculum. It is another to teach its worth in our lives. Rik Leaf did just that! I highly recommend to other schools

Brent Kaulback Brent Kaulback, South Slave School District, NWT

Your workshops inspired our youth and helped feed their creative spirits and your performances left memories which will last a life time. Who could ask for more.

Everything You Need To Know About Slam Poetry

Slam Poetry is the combination of creative writing and creative performance. It’s not like rap or hip-hop because there is no music or beats and it’s not like acting or theatre as there are no costumes or’s just about words.

Approach Words in a New Way

Slam is an opportunity for students to approach words in a new way. Many students struggle with spelling, grammar and punctuation, and these struggles can become censors that shut them down and make them believe that they can never be a creative writer. Slam Poetry removes those obstacles and gives them the freedom to explore.

How Slam Poetry Removes These Obstacles

Unlike traditional poetry that’s published to be read by the audience, slam poetry is only experienced when the poet performs it. Students are encouraged to focus on what they want to say and how they want to say it, rather than the rules of writing that they typically struggle with.

Gaining Confidence They Need To Succeed

50% of slam poetry is performance. Students learn to write out a performance copy that “Shows the Flow” of how they want the words to go when they present. This visual aid gives confidence to every student who struggles with presenting, and is a useful skill they can use throughout all the stages of school and life.

Learning Objectives

Each lesson is designed with Grade-specific learning expectations for planning, writing, revising and editing as students combine descriptive and sensory language with a public presentation.

Poetry Slams Transform Classrooms

At a poetry, everyone is nervous. So the audience cheers each poet all the way from their seat to the stage making it as encouraging as possible. During a performance, if we like something the poet says, or how they said it, we give them ‘snaps.’ It’s a fun, easy way to give encouraging feedback in a way that doesn’t distract the poet. It also teaches students to be engaged, active listeners. The combination of cheering poets to and from the stage and snapping to express our enjoyment transforms the creative culture of a classroom.

Slam Poetry for Primary Grades 1-6

The Lessons You Need for the Grade You Teach

Slam Poetry for Middle School G7-9

The Lessons You Need for the Grade You Teach

Slam Poetry for High School G10-12

The Lessons You Need for the Grade You Teach

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The process of working together with others is where youth learn what they're good at and how their piece fits in the big picture. The songs, videos & stories they create are a valuable resource to your community

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