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Creative Development Mentorships 

Providing Tools & Training Indigenous Students Need To Succeed

Give your students an exciting opportunity to,

Don't Let Youth in Your Community Miss Out

A lot of young people in remote northern communities tell us they feel like everyone else everywhere else have opportunities that they never will...and that’s discouraging.

Tribe of One provide creative mentorships in these communities to give youth the opportunity to DISCOVER what they’re good at, DEVELOP their skill set and GAIN the CONFIDENCE they need to succeed as they face the challenges in their life

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Providing Creative Opportunities in Remote Communities

30K  students have participated in our programs 

From over 100 communities across Canada

Youth video projects viewed over 100,000 times

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Here's How It Works

Schedule a Call & Book a Date for your Project! We provide all the cameras, computers, instruments etc. needed for each project so all you have to do is pick a date that works for you

Organize a Schedule that Works Best for You! We are there to support your students & staff...not the other way around. We love to make it easy & convenient 

Come Prepared to Have the Time of Your Life! Have fun working together creatively in a safe and supportive environment that provides a WIN-WIN experience for everyone

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Everything You Need To Know (But Don't) About Creative Development Mentorships 

Pricing & Packages

School Program
$39955 Days
  • Creative Development Production

Monday-Friday during school
Involves every student K-G12
Instruments & equipment provided
Fully Produced Finished Video
Travel & Accomms Separate

2 School Discount
$3695Per School
  • School District Discount

2 Schools from same district
Booking Consecutive weeks
$300 Discount Per School
District saves $600
Travel & Accomms Separate

3 School Discount
$3595Per School
  • School District Discount

3 Schools from same district
Booking Consecutive weeks
$400 Discount Per School
District saves $1200
Travel & Accomms Separate

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Your Students Deserve This Opportunity

We Don't Want You To Miss Out!
We hate it when talented young people in remote northern communities get left out of exciting opportunities. Creative Mentorships are a great way for students to have fun discovering their strengths and developing their creative skillset.

Who We Are!
Tribe of One's mentors are all professional artists as well as entrepreneurs. Everyone has established international careers as well as their own companies. This is invaluable expertise we make available for everyone involved in our programs.

Making Technology Accessible!
We provide professional equipment that is easy to use. We can even help you order the same gear (if you want) so your students can keep creating & building on what they've learned. Online membership support provides a path for students continued success.

There's Value In The Process & The Finished Product!
The process of working together with others is where youth learn what they're good at and how their piece fits in the big picture. The songs, videos & stories they create are a valuable resource to your community.

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