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Developing the creative culture in your classroom is key

A vibrant creative classroom culture starts with you. Empowering you as a teacher is my goal. These programs work because I've spent 16 years learning how to create a safe & supportive space where students feel confident to step out of their comfort zone and take a creative risk.

I'd like to help you develop the Creative Culture in your classroom. It will make your job easier, more enjoyable & frankly be a game-changer for your students.

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Pro D Resources because investing in your creative development is key! 

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Some teachers feel isolated while others are overwhelmed or stuck in a rut. Whatever your case may be, a daily dose of creativity will inspire you (& your students) as you face the challenges in your day.

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Having something to look forward is important for all of us. You'll receive periodic invites throughout the year to participate in things like slam poetry and video contests. No matter where you are in the world you & your students can be featured on our YouTube channel & FaceBook page

Provide Exciting Interaction

If your class is struggling with something specific or find you're having reoccurring conversations and you'd like to get an outside perspective, you can schedule a live online session or send an email & suggest a subject for a future video

Access Great Ideas

Creativity thrives in community. I know you'll be encouraged through the stories and experiences of other schools facing the same challenges as you and your students. Sometimes you just need to know you're not alone

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Rik's ability to connect with the students and staff was amazing and he left us with the message that positive risk taking is what makes life interesting & worthwhile

Laurie Wright, Principal

It is one thing to follow the curriculum. It is another to teach its worth in our lives. Rik Leaf did just that! I highly recommend to other schools

Gretchan Day Teacher

Rik beamed into our class in Palmerston Senior College in Darwin, Aus. There was a powerful exchange of ideas as Rik reinforced some great writing techniques.

Margaret Syme

Satisfied Education Partners:

"I'm inspired & excited to try what you showed us with my classes."

All the English teachers especially found your Pro-D session useful and relevant, and we are all planning to try poetry slams with our classes.

I found the afternoon session more relevant to my personal practice because the process for poetry slams was broken down and presented sequentially. Viewing examples was helpful as were the handouts you gave.

Poetry has always been what I've enjoyed least about teaching English - but I am actually inspired and excited to try what you showed us with my classes.

Lindsay Day | Teacher, Fort St John, B.C.

"Your tour of our District was a terrific way to start our year "

Your energy, enthusiasm, ability to connect with students helped each of our schools get off to a great start. Your performances moved and inspired us all.

You tease all our senses through your performance and what you leave behind is the desire to open the floodgates of our own creativity.

Your workshops inspired our youth and helped feed their creative spirits and your performances left memories which will last a lifetime.

Who could ask for more!

Brent Kaulback | Regional Director,      South Slave School District, NWT



Victoria, B.C., Canada

10am - 3pm PST Mon - Fri

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