Music For Elementary Schools Gets a Long Overdue Makeover

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 "Music can change the world, because it can change people"

– Bono (Source: Interview at the 1983 US Music Festival)

Finding Great Music Shouldn’t Be a Struggle: And Teachers Shouldn’t Accept That It Is

Studies show music boosts brain development, strengthens memory, and even enhances learning across subjects. But every teacher knows, finding music that actually engages students is a struggle.

Teachers need music that connects. Music that inspires. Music that empowers. And in 2024 it’s absolutely reasonable for educators to raise the bar and expect more from music created for elementary schools. Can we be honest and address the elephant in the room…there is a lot of terrible music out there.

And it’s not just the elephants, outdated songbooks, budget constraints, and curriculum demands make it even harder for teachers to find age-appropriate, engaging songs.

The Creative Solution to a Boring Problem

Songs For Schools is a collection of songs written with over 60,000 students from hundreds of classrooms in English, French Immersion and Indigenous schools. They are catchy and fun to sing, but they also capture the ideas, hopes and dreams important to elementary students.

“All great artists draw from the same resource: the human heart, which tells us all that we are more alike than we are unalike”
– Maya Angelou, Letter To My Daughter

Songs like, ‘Fill My Bucket’ and ‘Setse Gohndeh’ explore empathy, friendship and kindness.‘Tu n’es pas Seul’ ‘We Love Our School’ and ‘When I’m With You’ celebrate school spirit, inclusion and friendship. Live the Good Life and The Awesome Song touch on self-respect, healthy life choices and friendship. And there are many more songs.

Do You Remember Overhead Projectors and Transparencies?

Have you been teaching long enough to remember overhead projectors and transparencies? Because some schools still rely on aging songbooks and melodies from that era. Trying to engage today's students with those relics is more like teaching history than music.

Budget cuts make purchasing new resources a constant battle and principles and teachers are constantly left choosing between essential classroom supplies.

The thing is…you get what you pay for. So when teachers are left cobbling together a mish-mash of freebies from YouTube, schools end up with music that makes students groan instead of sing. Pretty soon your class is begging you NOT to play music…and that’s just wrong!

“It’s high time we raise the bar on what we expect from music for elementary schools”
– Rik Leaf, Songwriter/Producer of Songs For Schools

Pull Music From the Bottom of the Priority Pile

Between core curriculum demands and ever-growing class sizes, squeezing in engaging music sessions can feel like fitting an elephant into a teacup. From finding the perfect song to creating lesson plans and activities, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the content creation workload.

It isn't just about finding catchy tunes. You need music that encourages participation, movement, and creative expression. Otherwise, those "sing-alongs" turn into silent stares, with eyes glazing over faster than a metronome on fast-forward.

"Songs For Schools" Rides to the Rescue

Picture this: your students are excited to sing together. They love to watch the Story Behind the Song videos. Imagine them jumping out of their desks when the lyric video so they can do the actions or grabbing their ukuleles, music charts and pressing play on a tutorial video as they learn to play and sing these songs on their own.

"Songs For Schools" is the evolution of arts in education. It’s raising the bar head and shoulders above the Itsy Bitsy Spider and the Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round.
Volume 1 is a collection of hand-picked, catchy, age-appropriate songs that resonate with today's students. From upbeat anthems that celebrate school spirit to quiet melodies that promote mindfulness, this collection keeps every lesson fresh and engaging.

Save Teachers Time and Your School Money

Affordable and accessible, you can ditch the financial juggling act and focus on incorporating music into your classroom culture. No more late-night music searches! These songs and videos were professionally produced. Each song features 4 videos. What you need, when you need it.

  • Story Behind the Song: These 5 minute videos share the behind the scenes story of the writing and recording of each song, providing greater understanding and connection
  • Lyric Videos: Press play and instantaly have the lyrics project on the smartboard in your classroom, making it easy and fun for your students to sing along
  • Tutorial Videos: These videos teach students how pop, rock and self taught musicians learn how to play music. Press play and watch your students discover the joy of making music on their own
  • Live Performance Videos: Seeing other schools singing these songs, doing actions and dancing will inspire your students to do the same

These interactive songs encourage participation, movement, and creative expression. Students won't just be singing along – they'll be dancing, acting, and composing their own masterpieces. We've taken the frustration out of music in education, replacing it with an easy, efficient, and fun solution.

The Benefits for Your Classroom

For Students:

  • Say goodbye to bored faces and hello to enthusiastic participation!
  • Watch your students blossom as their brains dance to the rhythm of learning.
  • Let your students sing, dance, and express themselves in unique and joyful ways.
  • Watch your classroom transform into a harmonious choir of confident learners.
  • From coordination and rhythm to critical thinking and problem-solving, strengthen a range of life skills that benefit students.

For Teachers:

  • Save Precious Time: Forget the late-night planning sessions! Free up your valuable time for other tasks.
  • Simplify Curriculum Integration: No more struggling to find age appropriate songs that support social and emotional development of your students.
  • Boost Student Engagement: These songs and activities keep students enthralled, leading to improved participation, better focus, and a positive learning environment.
  • Reduce Stress and Burnout: "Songs For Schools" makes your job easier and more fulfilling. Leave the frustration behind and rediscover the joy of teaching!
  • Empower Yourself as a Music Educator: Feel confident and equipped to deliver impactful music lessons that lead your students on a musical journey of discovery.

"Songs For Schools" doesn't just benefit students, it empowers teachers to be their best selves. These music resources are a win-win for everyone, which is why principals and teachers say;

Build Self-Esteem, Motivation and Resilience in Your Students

“Rik’s ability to connect with the students and staff was amazing and he left us with the message that positive risk taking is what makes life interesting and worthwhile. It is without hesitation that I recommend Rik Leaf to schools wishing to build self-esteem, motivation and resilience in their students.”
Laurie Wright, Principal, Bert Ambrose School

Get Excited and Stay Focused!

“Rik worked with our school to write a song called, Change the World. Throughout the year we play the song over the intercom when we have an assembly, so all the students can sing 'their' song as they walk through the halls. It's a great way to get excited and stay focused”
Broyden Bennett, Principal, Ecole Central Elementary School

Teach the Worth of Curriculum in Life

“It is one thing to follow the curriculum. It is another to teach its worth in our lives. Rik Leaf did just that! I highly recommend to other schools.”
Gretchen Day, Teacher, Heart Lake Secondary School

Open the Floodgates of Creativity

“You tease all our senses through your performance and what you leave behind is a warm memory and the desire to open the floodgates of our own creativity. Who could ask for more!”
Brent Kaulback, Regional Director, South Slave District School District

Ditch the Frustration & Embrace the Solution

Ready to ditch the frustration and embrace the solution? "Songs For Schools" is just a click away from transforming your classroom. Visit now and hit the "Unlock Now" button to:

  • Access our expansive library of curated songs and ready-to-use videos.
  • Say goodbye to budget woes: "Songs For Schools" fits any school's budget.
  • Enjoy a risk-free experience: Our 30-day money-back guarantee ensures your complete satisfaction.

This is a chance to empower your students and rediscover your own joy in teaching.
Music education ignites minds, fosters creativity, and builds confidence. Don't let outdated resources and time constraints hold you back.

"Songs For Schools" is your all-in-one solution: Engaging songs and videos are just a click away.Transform your classroom: Rediscover the joy of teaching, witness the power of music, and watch your students blossom.

Visit and unlock the world of "Songs For Schools" today!

Try Songs For School With No Risk

Try a sample for FREE right now! Play them for your students. Teach them how to play the songs on ukulele. If you love the resources as much as I think you will, the entire Songs For Schools, Volume 1 is on sale now for just $97. One time payment.

Transform Your Classrooms with Songs for Schools

If after 30 days you’re not 100% satisfied, just let me know and I’ll be happy to refund you 100% of your money. I want this journey to be risk-free for you and your students.


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A meme inspired my entire career...
"Be Who You Needed When You Were Younger"

And that's how I got here. 20 years into a career creating a safe and supportive space for students to step out of their comfort zone so they can experience the magic of finding their voice.

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