Top 10 Ways Smart Teachers Use “Songs For Schools” To Make Every Day Better

Top 10 Ways Smart Teachers Use “Songs For Schools” To Make Every Day Better

Top 10 Ways Smart Teachers Use “Songs For Schools” To Make Every Day Better

Published January 17, 2024 in Category

10 Ten Ways Smart Teachers Use 'Songs For Schools' To Make Every Day Better

This is a teacher's guide to show you how some teachers are using 'Songs For Schools' to hack the cycle of unmotivated and uninspired students. 

So without further ado, these are the Top 10 Ways Smart Teachers Use “Songs For Schools” To Make Every Day Better. Feel free to leave a comment to share your hack if it didn't make this list.

1. Song of the Day: "We start each morning with a Story Behind the Song video to focus students and highlight important themes." Emily, G5

2. Singing Together: "The lyric videos like, Captain Fluffy Beard, make singing together fun. They are easy to pull up and create a strong sense of community in our classroom." John, G3

3. Interactive Learning: "I use subject-related songs like Solid Figures to turn concepts into catchy tunes. The actions make learning fun." Lauren, G2

4. Movement Breaks: "Upbeat songs with actions like The Awesome Song combat restlessness and boost energy levels, providing a fun and constructive break." Karen, G6

5. Expressive Outlet: "I use Story Behind the Song videos to spark conversations about subjects like kindness, respect and friendship." Brad, G3

6. Relaxation and Mindfulness: "I've started using calming songs like Setse Gohndeh to foster a mindful environment. I've found it encourages the student's emotional well-being." Steph, G1

7. Celebrate Achievements: "We celebrate individual & group success with songs like The Awesome Song or Tu n’es pas Seul to boost student's self-esteem." Mr C., G5

8. Inclusive Songs & Stories: "I use the songs & videos to celebrate our differences and highlight diversity and inclusion." Sam, G3

9. Transition Times: "the lyric videos offer a quick and easy way to switch gears or transition between subjects, getting students up, singing, and ready for the next task." Joan, G5

10. Building Confidence: "The tutorial videos have made it easy for my students to learn to play the songs on the ukulele. They're a great way to get musical participation and help the students build confidence." Jon, G6

Over 60,000 students were involved in writing and performing these songs. The themes reflect the issues and subjects important to them. These subjects resonate year after year in schools around the world. Trying to fit in. Learning to be kind. Learning the value of cooperation, building a sense of belonging, making classrooms a safe place for everyone.

Songs For Schools as an online platform of music resources was designed by an Arts in Education specialist for elementary school teachers. Arranging everything on one web page was intentional.

Bookmark the page so you can have all these songs and videos at your fingertips. You need to get your students up and moving? Play a lyric video like Karen. Have students feeling overwhelmed, play some of the meditative songs like Steph, to calm the mood in the class.

These songs, stories, videos and tutorials were created to be the perfect music resources for elementary classrooms. If you have a story of your own, please leave it in the comments below, or send a message.

I look forward to hearing how Songs For Schools make your day better!

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