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Pop Quiz Every Teacher Needs To Take

Do you know how to develop a creative culture in your classroom?
Do you know why it's the key to developing a safe & supportive environment?
Do you know the #1 reason students are afraid to try something new?
Would you be interested in successful strategies used with over 50K students? 

Here Are Some Ways To Engage Your Students

These slam poetry courses, lyric videos & music lessons have transformed over 50,000 students!

slam poetry Academy

Songwriting Academy

Storyteller's Academy

Feedback from Teachers, Principals, Superintendents

Rik's slam poetry sessions are engaging & supportive & were especially valuable for my students struggling with self-esteem & communicating.

Ruth Stadelmayer, Teacher, NWT

The students were entranced. It is one thing to teach the curriculum. It is another to teach its worth in our lives. I highly recommend to other schools.

Gretchan Day, Teacher, ON

Slam Poetry was a great opportunity for our students to approach creative writing in a new way. I highly recommend Rik's slam poetry material!

Debra Bridgman, Principal, ON

There was a really powerful exchange of ideas as Rik reinforced some great poetry writing techniques that students could apply to their own writing

Margaret Syme, Teacher Australia,  NT

Your workshops inspired our youth & helped feed their creative spirits & your performances left memories which will last a life time. Who could ask for more

Brent Kaulback, Superintendent, NWT

It is without hesitation that I recommend Rik to schools wishing to enhance creative writing & build self-esteem, motivation & resilience in their students

Laurie Wright, Principal, B.C.

Have You Heard of Slam Poetry?

Slam Poetry is a combination of creative writing & creative performance. It's not like rap or hip-hop as there is no music or beats. And it's not like theater or acting as there are no costumes or's just about words.

Slam poetry is a great way to engage students in creative writing (writers & non writers alike) It's also a fantastic way to develop a safe & supportive culture in your classroom.

Check out the video below to learn more!

Support Teachers Need

This creative mentorship program is designed to support teachers through personal development that will result in professional excellence.


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About Rik

Rik Leaf is the Executive Director for Tribe of One, a National Collective of Indigenous & settler artists.  He's spent 16 years producing creative development mentorship programs in schools across Canada working with over 50,000 students.

As a leading Arts in Education specialist, Rik provides Pro D sessions for school districts and teacher's conferences across Canada.

Producer Music/TV
Poet Laureate for Tribe of One
Recording Artist
Published Author
Video Editor
Creative Consultant
Arts in Education Specialist 
Pro D Workshop Presenter
Award-winning Songwriter
TV Host

You Are Worth Investing In

In the last two years, over 100 teachers have shared their struggles & frustrations with me. And they're not the only ones...students are having a harder time than ever.

Personal Development & Professional Excellence are tied together.

I'd love the chance to invest in you. I wish all the best for you & your students!



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