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Songs For Schools

Educational Anthems for Elementary Schools

Written with over 60,000 students

Teachers, say Goodbye to:

The frustration of uninspiring music resources
Stressing over budgetary constraints
Wasting precious time searching for age appropriate music
Wishing for ways to support social & emotional learning
Being overwhelmed trying to teach music on your own

Imagine Having Music Resources At Your Fingertips You'd Use Every Day (We Did!)

Professionally Produced Songs, Videos, Tutorials, Music Charts & More

Created by a production team specializing in producing world-class educational multimedia resources.

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All 30 videos are produced in stunning high res 4K quality


Developed by an award-winning production team

Lyric/Chord Charts

Even students who can’t read music can learn to play

Copyright License

Your school is able to use the songs in any other projects

7 Easy Ways 'Songs For Schools' Can
Transform Your Classroom

Play a video each morning to set the tone for the day by highlighting themes like kindness, respect & inclusion
Use action songs to transition between lessons and get the wiggles out
When tensions flare, use soothing melodies to promote mindfulness and help students manage emotions
Celebrate diversity with songs that reflect Indigenous and French cultures
Connect concepts through songs that make learning exciting
Using tutorial videos is an easy way to teach your students how to play these songs on ukulele (even if you're not musical!)
Connect with other teachers through Songs For Schools online platform for tips, successes & ongoing inspiration

Here's A Sample of 3 "Story Behind the Song" Videos

Primary students love getting the inside scoop on the writing & recording of each song

Here's A Sample of 3 Lyric Videos

Lyric videos make it easy for students in your class to sing along with their favourite song

Here's A Sample of 3 Tutorial Videos

Intermediate students love the step-by-step guide that shows them how they can play each song on ukulele

Download Sample of Lyric & Chord Charts for 3 Songs

Used along with the tutorial videos, students can learn how to play the songs on ukulele using the approach taken by pop, rock and self taught musicians.

The Evolution of
Arts In Education

Are you feeling the daily struggle to engage your students? Worksheets feeling stale, lessons met with glazed eyes, and the spark of curiosity fading? You're not alone. Igniting creativity and joy in the classroom can feel like an uphill battle.

Here's where "Songs For Schools" makes a huge difference. We're not just talking about the occasional song, we're talking about catchy anthems woven into the fabric of your day, igniting student engagement and making lessons stick like never before.

Picture this: Imagine your morning starting with "The Awesome Song" or "We Love Our School." These are positive, upbeat anthems. We all know songs can set the tone for a positive day. Most of us have playlists full of songs that we turn to when we're happy, when we're sad, overwhelmed or discouraged. That's what Songs For Schools really is...a playlist of educational anthems so you have the right song, no matter what kind of day your class is having.

But the magic doesn't stop there. "Songs for Schools" gives you more than just tunes. You get:

  • Story Behind the Song videos: Delve deeper into the meaning and context of each song, enriching your lessons.
  • Lyric & Chord Charts: Encourage independent playing and classroom jam sessions.
  • Tutorial videos: Learn to play the songs on ukulele, adding a new dimension to your musical program.
  • Copyright-free license: Use the songs freely in plays, presentations, and other creative projects.

No more scouring the internet to find something that will work. "Songs for Schools" has everything you need to weave music into your curriculum seamlessly, saving you time, boosting engagement, and watching your students blossom.

Ready to turn the volume up on your classroom culture.? Explore the magic of "Songs for Schools" today!


Show your Students how Songs for Schools are inspiring and engaging students from all walks of life

Here's a Sample of 3 MP3 Songs for Download

Professionally Produced "Songs For Schools" supports students’ social and emotional development

Receive a Copyright License For Your School

This license lets your school use these songs in all of your student and class projects, celebrations and ceremonies.

   Try ‘Songs for    Schools’ Risk Free

If you're not 100% satisfied with the value of our resources and the quality of our production, contact us within 30 days of purchase and we'll issue a refund. Try Songs for Schools today!

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Without Hesitation

It is without hesitation that I recommend Rik Leaf to schools wishing to build self-esteem, motivation & resilience in their students.

Laurie Wright, Principal

Bert Ambrose Elementary

Highly Recommend

The students were entranced. It's one thing to follow the curriculum. It's another to teach its worth in our lives. I highly recommend to other schools!

Gretchan Day, Teacher

Heart Lake School

Inspired our Youth

Inspired our youth & helped feed their creative spirits. Who could ask for more. I've only heard positive comments from principals & teachers

Brent Kaulback, Superintendent

South Slave School District

Rik Leaf

Performer, Producer, Recording Artist, Slam Poet & Published Author

Marie-Josée Dandeneau

French Anishinaabe / Métis kwe Performer, Studio Musician, Sound Engineer

Meet Tribe of One's Producers

Rik & Marie-Josée are Arts in Education specialists. Over the last 20 years they have written & recorded over 200 songs, produced TV shows, albums & international tours. Over 60,000 students have participated in their mentorship programs.

Tribe of One Productions specialize in producing multi cultural events, documentaries, traditional language resources & mentorship projects for schools and Indigenous communities.

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