Slam Poetry in Schools

I'm offering you the slam poetry lessons I've taught to thousands of students over the last 10 years. If you're interested in slam, this course has everything you need!

Ideal for students of all ages from Grades 3- 12

You can go through all the instructional videos in this course in an hour. These are the best lessons I've developed, in the sequence that I teach them. As a Creative Literacy Consultant my material is designed to be taught as a module over a 1-2 week period. 

Slam Poetry Course for Teachers from Rik Leaf on Vimeo.

This course makes slam poetry fun for you and your students. The material is easy to follow and adaptable to different grades. The bonus videos make it convenient to 'show & tell' students what their slam can sound like.

  • You Get Everything You Need

    You get access to all the videos, lessons & lesson plans for the entire course as well as sample slam poetry videos. This material is fun & convenient and easy for you to use.

  • Slam Will Transform Your Classroom

    Learn the psychological social triggers of poetry slams and understand why they transform classrooms into encouraging, supportive creative environments.

  • Transferable To Every Subject

    Slam poetry teaches students to connect with their subject and their audience in a powerful and engaging way. These skills can be applied to every presentation in any subject.

  • Gives Students A Powerful Voice

    Slam poetry provides a powerful way for students to speak to issues that matter to them most, like bullying, suicide prevention, anti racism & safe schools for LGBT students.

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I'm Excited To Teach Slam Poetry To My Students!

What Are Teachers Are Saying?

Slam poetry was a great opportunity for our students to approach creative writing in a new way. They loved the supportive environment of a poetry slam and snapped, clapped and cheered for one another as they performed throughout the week. I highly recommend Rik's slam poetry material.

Debra Bridgman, Principal , Standing Stone School, Oneida Nation of the Thames, ON

NBCDES Distant Education just finished a one week slam poetry series for our Grades 3-9 students. Each virtual online class was one hour in length and tailored to the writing level of the students involved. The sessions were fun, interactive and a unique opportunity for our students. I highly recommend Rik's virtual slam poetry sessions.

Sharlene Kantz, Teacher, Northern B.C. Distance Education School

Rik does an amazing job beyond teaching his content - he helps students become effective audience members and teaches them to be supportive and provide constructive feedback. He has been very responsive to teacher feedback adjusting his presentation to our needs. I encourage you to consider his programs if you are looking for opportunities for your school.

Dave Ritchie, Principal, ​Carmi Elementary​ School, Penticton, B.C.

Rik beamed into our classroom in Palmerston Senior College, in Darwin, Australia. My students were inspired by Rik's themes from his own teenage and working experiences (this was key) and his ability to break down his work into elements makes poetry 'visually' accessible to students. My male students were particularly inspired by Rik's frankness and openness, displaying his own emotions with strong links to family and country and this is particularly significant to our Indigenous students. There was a really powerful exchange of ideas as Rik reinforced some great poetry writing techniques to apply to their own writing. My students wanted to get into to writing their own poems, straight away. I highly recommended Rik to my teaching colleagues.

Margaret Syme, Senior Secondary Teacher, Literacy Consultant DET Northern Territory, Australia

Rik’s slam poetry sessions are engaging, comprehensive, supportive right from the first steps of the writing process, to the final stage of doing a slam! The skills and lessons learned through slam poetry for kids and teens are invaluable. The program was especially valuable for my students who struggled with self-esteem, coping and communication. I highly recommend it…for your students, your kids and yourself!

Ruth Stadelmayer, High School Teacher, Chief Sunrise School, Katlo'deeche First Nations, Northwest Territories

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Your school can make this entire slam poetry course available to every teacher!

My 'No Risk' Money Back Guarantee!

If this training course and all the bonus material, exclusive content and online community doesn't provide what you need, let me know within 7 days and I will give you a full refund. an accompanying 2-3 line slam poetry explaining why is encouraged, though not required 🙂