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Benefits of Quitting


I’ve probably quit more things in my life than you’ve started. Now I know most people wouldn’t brag about that…but I’m not most people, and I’m here to share my wealth of experience so you can enjoy the benefits of quitting too. I have literally had more jobs than I can remember and I’ve never […]

Storytelling Experiment


Everyone likes stories. From bedtime when we’re little kids through all the stages of life, stories are awesome. This is a storytelling experiment of sorts, and I really would like your input. See…I love telling stories, and have made a living as a professional storyteller through TV shows, travel videos, songs, slam poetry, Tribe of One […]

Stories of the North

Air Tindi

I’ve just spent two weeks traveling to communities in the Tlicho traditional territory around Yellowknife, NWT…an experience that produced many stories of the north. Yellowknife is not only the capital city; it’s the only city in the Northwest Territories. There are about 20K people living in the community that’s located about 2500 kms north of […]

Script to Shelf #2

Script to Shelf Podcast

Script to Shelf is a podcast series for writers and readers interested in following the journey of a story from initial script through to a published work on a shelf in a bookstore. Episode #2 – Taking the all important step to move from “I’m going to write a book” to “I’m writing a book.” […]

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