Australian Adventure

Inspired by Australia We were in Australia having the time of our lives, totally caught up in the exotic vibe. Being woken each morning by the insane cackling of kookaburras. Seeing our first koalas and kangaroos. Dancing through the blue bottles and jellyfish at Manly Beach. Swimming in constant fear of Great Whites and saltwater […]

Je Me Souviens

Writing & Recording Je Me Souviens  Inspired by a poem written by Eugène-Étienne Taché in 1883, “Je me souviens/ Que né sous le lys/ Je croîs sous la rose I remember/ That born under the lily/ I grow under the rose” The lily and the rose are the floral emblems of France and England. This […]

The Maple Leaf


  Writing & Recording The Maple Leaf The Maple Leaf is a travel song written while touring in Canada. It starts on the bow of the ferry traveling from Vancouver Island as we sailed into Horseshoe Bay and follows our journey east to Newfoundland. Recorded in Winnipeg, MB, it features a great pandeiro track by […]

A Creative Life

A Creative Life – Beyond the Bottom Line Tapping into your creativity is key to a great life. From the kitchen to the bedroom to the boardroom, there isn’t a single area of life that isn’t improved by being creative. But if we want to live creatively we have to think creatively, it’s the key that […]