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Rik Leaf

4 Wines. 4 Books. 1 Event.

The idea for the Perfect Pairing came up during a conversation with my publishers at Promontory Press. We all love stories. We all love wine. And we love having a great time together with other people who feel the same. I describe The Perfect Pairing as, Book-Club-meets-Wine-Tasting and discovers it’s the best party of the […]

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Event Photos-World of Wine


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World Tour Videos

I’ve worked on some spectacular sets and studios and loved every minute. But the reality is, a great story can compensate for a lack of budget, but it doesn’t work the other way around. While we toured the world I had one pocket size HD video camera, one point and shoot and a laptop in […]

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Live Productions

Rik Leaf & Tribe of One Instrumental Storytelling – Fort St John, B.C. Rik Leaf – A Master Storyteller What If – Slam Poetry Tribe of One – Gathering Of Nations, New Mexico Rik Leaf & Tribe of One – Festival du Voyageur A Wicked Winnipeg House Concert – April 2012 Rik Leaf & Tribe […]

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Audio Book Listen Now!

Welcome to the Audio Book as author Rik Leaf reads Four Homeless Millionaires – An Odyssey of Adventure and Discovery. If you’d like to buy a copy and support this indie author, Promontory Press has conveniently collected all the various links for purchasing/downloading. CLICK HERE listen to ‘#1 A Whirlwind of Epic Nose-Plowing Proportions’ on […]

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Hybrid Publishing

  Sometimes telling a story is a story in itself. Industry gatekeepers exist to keep people out, not to let people in. Cause let’s face it gatekeepers exist to protect the interests of those desperately trying to maintain the status quo. But for every desperate gatekeeper you will always find a handful of adventurers exploring […]

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Value of Risk Taking

Artists, innovators and creative individuals in every industry understand the obstacles and opportunities involved in ‘Living the Dream.’ We dream up songs, poems and paintings, we design new products and services that don’t exist and then work incredibly hard to make those dreams a reality. Living a great life is a labour of love that […]

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Music Production

Two groove-heavy performance poets walk into a room on Lekwungen traditional territory. Fueled by the fires in their hearts and minds they raised they eyes and set their sights on the world of possibility waiting…beyond the glass ceiling. Beyond the Glass Ceiling showcases the creative collaboration between Rik Leaf and Janet Rogers, Victoria’s Poet Laureate, inspiring […]

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