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The Creative Process

The Creative Process

The Creative Process of A Multi Disciplinary Artist Someone once told me “a storyteller trusts his audience, a preacher doesn’t…be a storyteller.” That perspective had a profound effect on my creative process. It helped me recognize I’m a Storyteller who happens to speak a number of different creative ‘languages.’ Songwriting, producing, performing, TV, short films, […]

Creativity in Schools

Creative Education

The ability to tap into the unique gifts, talents and abilities each of us have has never been more important. Finding opportunities to channel that creative energy into team building projects that highlight the opportunities that come from working with people who are different from us is key. And not always easy to come by. […]


PKOLS Mountain Lekwungen

PKOLS is a mountain located in Lekwungen, the traditional territory of the Songhees and Esquimalt people. It’s a region I have had the privilege of being a guest for the last four years. I hike the trails of PKOLS often, and on one particular day I kept hearing singing. As if a huge pow wow […]

An Artistic B&E

snow storm

It was a winter tour, and not just any old winter, but a Canadian prairie winter. Canadian musicians trying to pay the rent and keep food on the table one gig at a time have no choice. -40 or not, the show must go on. That’s why my friend Marie-Josée and I were heading north,18-hours […]

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