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Haida Gwaii Poets

Haida Gwaii Poets Wow…rolling back into my borrowed digs here tonight I admit I’m pretty exhausted. The Literacy Council of Haida Gwaii brought me to the community for a week of slam poetry workshops and presentations in schools. It’s been rewarding, though not without a tremendous amount of creative effort.┬áI’m very thankful for the relationships […]

Grade 9 Slam Poetry

Collected Teenage Thoughts – Grade 9 Group Slam A couple of weeks ago I was at Bert Bowes Middle School. In my first slam poetry session with a grade 9 class, I asked them to each write 2-3 lines. Then I asked them to hand their papers in and compiled their individual lines into one […]

Poetry Slam in Schools

Slam Poetry in Schools – Finding Our Voice I absolutely love bringing slam poetry┬áinto schools. See, I was always the student that struggled with spelling and could never remember the rules of grammar and punctuation. But slam poetry isn’t about any of that. Slam is about personal expression and discovering a creative voice as an […]

Change Your Words

Change Your Words You Can Change The World An Artist Residency is one of my favourite things in the world. It gives me the opportunity to spend quality time in a school investing in the lives of the students and staff. This week I got to work with 360 students to produce a multi media […]