Passion & Creativity

Passion & Creativity Make You Live Better, Love Harder and Laugh Longer Than Anyone Else OK so last night we were at a dinner party. We hardly knew anyone. In every conversation we were finding out who people were, what they did, what made them tick…basically what they were passionate about. And as you would […]

You’re A Gift


Creativity Is A Gift To Make Your Life (And The Lives Around You) Better Forget every expectation reality TV shows or social networks have led you to believe about fame and fortune…your creative gifts, talents and abilities were given to you to make your life better. Fame and fortune pale in significance to the real […]

A Book Review!

Ridiculous And Courageous Stories of Letting Go I want to share a recent book review of FOUR HOMELESS MILLIONAIRES from Ruth Stadelmayer. My friends, family and a handful of readers know what an uphill slog it can be trying to market a book. Reviews from readers are almost the only way Amazon and Google recognize value. […]

Fierce Badass Phoenix

‘Who’ Not ‘What’ Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? I’m sure at some point we were all asked, ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ Raised in a small prairie town, the fertile field of my imagination was sown with simple seeds of being a pig farmer, welder or […]