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  • Songwriting Workshops

    Songwriting Workshops are great for creating a safe environment where students...

  • Slam Poetry in Schools

    What is slam poetry? Slam poetry is a combination of creative writing and...

  • Student Filmmaking Project

    The student filmmaking project is an exciting opportunity for students to work...

  • The Perfect Pairing

    The Perfect Pairing is an entertaining wine event that pairs wine and words...

  • Team Building Event

    Lights! Camera! Action! is an interactive team building presentation developed...

Rik Leaf

Arts in Schools – Professional Resources

I provide professional resources for teachers wanting to provide arts in schools. If you are searching for creative ways to provide arts education for your students, this will definitely interest you. To maximize the investment of your school, I’ve designed three separate workshops; Slam Poetry, Filmmaking and Songwriting. I can offer all three over the course […]

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Record Your Version of This Song

I invite you to record your arrangement of this song. Submissions will be featured on the web site and shared so it can inspire others. Dark is the Night, came out of recent conversations with young songwriters, slam poets and filmmakers in remote communities across the country. Their personal stories of pain, hope and struggle […]

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World Travel Videos

I’ve worked on some spectacular sets and studios and loved every minute. But the reality is, a great story can compensate for a lack of budget, but it doesn’t work the other way around. I produced a series of World Travel Videos during the year we toured the world. I had one pocket size HD […]

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Travel Audio Book

Välkommen! Welcome! The digital welcome mat is extended to you, so come on in. You’ve come to the right place for a free travel Audio Book download. I recorded this audio book in my own studio, one cup of coffee at a time. From time to time I try to imagine places where people might […]

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