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Travel Advice

Travel Advice

Travel Advice When Things Go Wrong After a 6-hour flight from Cancun, Mexico I arrived in Calgary, Alberta. The bell chimed and the cabin filled with the great surge as everyone clamored to collect their stuff. It often seems like it takes forever for the doors to open and the line to start to move, […]

Travel With Kids

Travel the world with kids

How to travel Canada with kids. We traveled the world with our kids for just over a year. They were 13 and 9 years old at the time. We toured Canada, Hawaii, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, France, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic and the U.K. Each country provided a unique set of challenges and […]

Xenotes, Mexico!

Mexico Xenotes

If you ever Goggle “what activities should I do in Cancun?” I sure hope the ol’ Goog tells you to take the Xenotes tour, cause it’s amazeballs! I’m giving the Xenotes Maya Tour Package the ol’ Four Homeless Millionaires Amazeballs rating! Monday morning, I had dental surgery. That kind of sucked. Monday afternoon I basically […]

Write Your Story


I’m in Mexico. Why? Because of stupidity, hockey and out of control Canadian dentists that’s why. Telling this story is like crossing the street outside my hotel. It’s madness! Ducking, bobbing and weaving in and out, horns blaring, barely avoiding being blindsided, creamed and bowled over…even when I successfully Frogger (remember that game?) my way across, I’m […]

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